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E-Cigarettes:  What Consumers Need to Know

VAEP Reference Library (searchable/indexed)

Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction:



E-Cigarette Research (Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos)

Tobacco Truth (Dr. Brad Rodu)

The Rest of the Story…(Dr. Michael Siegel)


The Counterfactual (Clive Bates)

Nicotine Science and Policy

E-Research Foundation


I have been using vaping products for 5-6 years now. I switched from tobacco to vaping because i wanted a safer alternative to tobacco. If vaping is banned i will go back to smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Joni Sinisalo

Why ban a healthy alternative to smoking? Is it because of massive lobbying done by cigarette sellers like ITC? Tobacco is more injurious, How about banning it?


I quit smoking after 15 years thanks to vaping in one day … it’s been 200 days am totally smoke free i support vaping – it saved my life.

Kaizaad Kermani

I have been suffering from asthma, i have been smoking for the past 15 years, six months back i switched to vaping and never had asthma attack since then. Vaping really helped me out in quitting smoke.

Umar Munir

Vaping has saved me from tobacco. And at the moment i am transitioning to quitting vaping altogether. This technology has saved me. Please do not deprive other people the chance for them to be saved from tobacco.

Aldrich Noa

I’ve stop smoking tobacco because of e-cigarettes.

Elijah Novero

Give us our rights to vape… We don’t want your cigarettes We want to live longer.

Jason Benedicto

… I’m Indonesian Vaper and i wanna tell something about vaping. Vaping is not Smoking and Vaping 99% not harmful and Smoking 99% harmful. Please be smart to differentiate between Vaping & Smoking. Terima kasih



Vaping has become my alternative smoking at first but now i only vape. vaping has stop me from smoking cigarettes for a year now.



Please dont ban it. I dont get sick now using cigs. It is really helpful.


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