The Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (CAPHRA) is an alliance between the Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates and their respective organisations in the region.   Our mission and aim is to educate, advocate and represent the right of adult alternative nicotine consumers to access and use of products that reduce harm from tobacco use.

We are unfunded and grassroots.  All of our members work collaboratively through discussion, support, and mentorship for our respective countries’ consumers and together as the representative consumer voice in the Asia Pacific region.

If you have found us for the first time, please take a few moments to look around to see what we do and why we do what we do.   If you have any suggestions or comments, please contact us here.


Update yourself with some of the world’s leading THR experts and advocates, who freely share their knowledge and expertise.

Marking the 30th anniversary of the Smoke-free Environments Act with Helen Clark and Holly Walker



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CAPHRA is the THR Consumer Advocacy Coalition for Asia Pacific, representing the interests of over 1 million smokers and users of SNP. Founded in 2018. Our Mission: Educate, Mentor, Advise and Represent users of safer nicotine products (SNP)


World War 3 - Our #Health is not for sale. #Right2Switch . Right. Read, Sign, Discuss &Share: ... See MoreSee Less
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World War 3 - Tobacco Control and Colonisation. Our #Health is not for sale. #Right2Switch . Right. Read, Sign, Discuss &Share: ... See MoreSee Less
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FYI -THE MORE YOU KNOW: Nicotine gum was created as "a tobacco substitute for oral use" with "suitable doses of nicotine" to "prevent the user from being exposed to the many harmful constituents of tobacco smoke," and one of the first flavors was chocolate/mocha. Sound familiar? Read on for an interesting and very relevant backstory of the invention of nicotine gum (as a smoking harm reduction product!)----Ove Fernö, inventor nicotine gum, created it NOT as a nicotine "addiction" therapy, but as "a tobacco substitute for oral use" with "suitable doses of nicotine" which would "prevent the user from being exposed to the many harmful constituents of tobacco smoke."His first idea was to use an aerosol containing nicotine, but "it tasted terrible" and "was too complicated."The idea for gum came from submariners who couldn't smoke on their ship, so found smoke-free tobacco to be an effective substitute.In 1969, after using the nicotine gum to quit smoking, he didn't stop chewing the nicotine gum until "after one year or so." So, the gum REPLACED smoking for him for a significant period.When he made the first measurements in 1972 in people using gum, cigarettes and snuff, he "discovered that the absorption of nicotine was poor when compared with the absorption from cigarettes and snuff" and set out to improve absorption by increasing the pH of saliva.He stated, "One of the first flavours was a mocha taste. The taste is important because nicotine has a very strong taste and it has to be masked in some way."However, marketing the nicotine gum was problematic. Clinicians and scientists in the medical field, including several university professors, "warned that nicotine gum could be looked upon as unethical by the medical profession."Tobacco control organizations "over emphasized the risk of nonsmokers, including children, becoming addicted to nicotine from the gum." However, "all this changed during the late 1970s, particularly after the publications from Michael Russell and his group."Michael Russell, a psychiatrist and research scientist, was a pioneer in the study of tobacco dependence and the development of treatments to help smokers quit. He is often quoted as stating, "People smoke for nicotine, but they die from the tar."Ironically, Ove's home country of Sweden--even with successful clinical trials--ruled that nicotine gum was neither a drug treatment nor a "foodstuff," an "impossible situation" that required his clinics to stop giving away the gum to help people quit smoking.Researchers, clinics and advocates presented their case to the Tobacco Committee of the Ministry of Social Affairs, describing their experiences with the gum since 1970 with literally thousands of patients. This led to the gum being classified as a drug.How did the gum come to be called "Nicorette"? Ove explained, "It means roughly, nicotine (Nico) delivered in the right (rette) way."When asked if nasal nicotine spray would "continue addiction," because it more effectively delivered nicotine, he pointed out "Perhaps, but there are indications that NNS is particularly helpful for heavy smokers. If they did then have difficulty giving up NNS they could perhaps switch to the gum or the patch for a while. Don't forget that the pharmacokinetics of nicotine absorption are very different from smoking and chewing gum, much slower with the gum. I'm sure this is why it is very easy for most people on the gum to give it up."In conclusion, he said "People in the [anti] smoking field have slowly but gradually accepted the idea. I think that in some sense the time was right. Psychological methods had been tried for years with only limited success so that the time was right for something new."----It's important to note that, if not for the risks of harm from inhaling smoke, no one would have cared about nicotine "addiction" anymore than they care about caffeine "addiction." NRT was created as HARM REDUCTION. To quote Ove Fernö, maybe the time is again "right for something new."Read full interview: ... See MoreSee Less
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Vapers Testimonials

Tried everything during my +40 years of smoking to stop ! None of it worked for me! With the Vape is was just like a Walk in the park ! It came just by itself in less than 4 days, I don’t like the taste and smell of combustible cigarettes anymore! And will never return to the cigarettes either!

Ole Frederiksen

If it were banned I would use cross boarder or black market. Just because some people do not understand vaping or are susceptible to the wishes of big business, I don’t plan on killing myself by going back to smoking.

David Moger

I am a heavy smoker & smoke since 13 years old. I smoke 2 box per day. I started vaping since July 2015. With vape I have reduce my cigarette intake from 2 box per day to half a box per day… & After 3 months I have stop smoking… I hope people have other alternate option than cigarette.

Shehan Reza M. Sallim

I never would have thought I’d stop smoking but tried vaping and found I preferred it. The variety of devices and eliquids keeps it interesting so I don’t even want a cigarette. I like having a few puffs now and then rather than being bothered about the nicotine.

Ann P

Vaping saves lives no running from that. If not the best still way better than smoking tobacco cigarettes. Please don’t abandon us from our rights to choose a healthier alternative.

Sanib Ghai

Vaping is my lifeline as i quit smoking with the help of Vaping and now feel much better. If vaping is banned i am afraid that i will not be able to resist the urge of nicotine and will start smoking which i do not want to.

Jahanzeb Iqbal

I started smoking cigarettes at an early age and could not quit for years. Vaping ended my addiction to cigarettes and i feel a lot healthier.


I do not use e-cigarettes But I believe everyone has the right to use alternatives to cigarettes

Zeph Chew

In Europe e-cigarettes were already sensibly regulated and are now over-regulated. Over-regulation will do nothing but abolish vaping so far as efficient and effective vaping is concerned and will hand what remains over to tobacco companies. This will amount to a giant leap backwards and the potential for game-changing advances in public health will be lost ……. but then this was never about health but all about money.

Sue Smith

Why ban a healthy alternative to smoking? Is it because of massive lobbying done by cigarette sellers like ITC?
Tobacco is more injurious, How about banning it?



I am a smoker of 15 years and I have finally switched to vaping and it is far healthier than smoking. I do not do it for fun but to curb my nicotine cravings. Please don’t ban vaping without any substantial evidence of vaping being as bad as or worse than cigarette smoking



I used to smoke a packet of cigarette! Tried using nicotine patches and chewing gums nothing helped. Since I started vaping I havnt smoked a cigarette and my health has improved to a great extent!



This is the kind of thing that saves lives. But as usual is being prevented because of vested interests. How can nicotine in tobacco, with the world knowing the harms of smoking tobacco, be ok to be sold than vaping which cuts out 95% of the harm.



Vaping saves lives no running from that. If not the best still way better than smoking tobacco cigarettes. Please don’t abandon us from our rights to choose a healthier alternative.



Was a smoker for 17 years, vaping help me kick this habit. I’ve been smoke free for 2 years now and will very soon be quitting vaping. Vaping has cut down my nicotine cravings and I plan to quit it within 2 years max.( I’m already down to low strength nic)



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