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Thank you for registering for the Voices4Vape Webinar. This is just a friendly reminder that the webinar is only 3 days away. We hope you can make it.

Access to the webinar will be via the following YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPE4FXpL8E0&feature=youtu.be

All registrants will be invited to continue the conversation in the post show Zoom room (accessible on the day): Link to Zoom Room

During any of the webinar sessions we invite and encourage you to ask questions via the chat box. Our presenters will try to answer as many as possible.Some of you have already provided questions to be discussed during the webinar. We'd be happy to field as many questions as we can. So don't be shy - ask away.

If you have a moment to spare, please take our online survey found here, tell us about yourself and your relationship with vaping. Also, if you haven't done so already, please join our newsletter mailing list and stay connected.

And finally, we are asking everyone for help in signing a petition that will be presented to the World Health Organization asking for them to recommend to their member countries that they immediately work on introducing sensible legislation to legalize and regulate vaping as part of their obligation to Tobacco Harm Reduction, which is a basic human right that many governments currently prohibit.

why we do what we do

One of the greatest challenges that vaping faces is the spread of lies and disinformation that paint an inaccurate and ugly picture that has no basis in science or truth. Whoever has the largest voice in the media wins. Period. This makes the challenge of dealing with the media all the more important in the race to spread factual information into the court of public opinion.
The influence of the World Health Organization over the Tobacco Harm Reduction cannot be understated, as it is their word that heavily influences the decisions made by governments around the world. As we have seen from their dreadful performance during the COVID pandemic, they are often incorrect, with deadly consequences for thousands of people, and indeed, their stance on Tobacco Harm Reduction is at odds with their very own written mandate. As the Chinese General Sun Tzu said, to win a battle or a war you must know your enemy, and we are honoured to welcome a global expert on the subject of dealing with the WHO.

what is our goal

Asking governments to create sensible Tobacco Harm Reduction legislation means taking on deeply entrenched interest groups, often operating within the governments themselves. It is no secret that many Asian nations own their own cigarette manufacturing industries, which generates handsome profits and taxes. These are the same governments that have have pledged to eradicate smoking, and to add to the hypocracy many, have demonized vaping.
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