Production Report – January 2021


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January 18 Voxy
2021 key to getting Smokefree NZ back on track – AVCA


January 18 Vapers Digest
2021 Key To Getting Smokefree NZ


January 18 Planet of the Vapes
AVCA Believes 2021 Is Key


January 18 Scoop
2021 Key To Getting Smokefree NZ Back On Track


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January 21 People’s Journal
Experts Find Bloomberg Funding of the FDA Troubling

January 21 Manila Times
Health Experts Want Deeper Probe of the FDA Donation

January 21 Manila Standard
Bloomberg Donation May Have Violated US Laws – Expert

January 20 Metro News Central
Expert: Bloomberg Donation to PH FDA leaves a foul taste in the mouth

January 20 Maharlika TV
Bloomberg Donation to Philippine FDA May Have Violated US Laws


January 11 Manila Times
Lawmaker reiterates call for FDA Probe


January 11 People’s Journal
Government Policy on Public Health is not for sale


January 10 Manila Standard
Gov’t Policy on Public Health Not for Sale – Solon


January 10 Maharlika TV
Gov’t Policy on Public Health is Not For sale


January 10 Metro News
Central Congressman Says Gov’t Policy on Public Health is Not For Sale


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January 14 Daily News
Cigarettes Can Lead to Narcotics 


January 13 Komchadluek
Academics Recommend Cigarette Tax Reform for Benefits to All 


January 12 Khaosod
Smoking Causes Heart Diseases, Giving Up Cigarettes is Easier Than Public Has Thought 


January 11 Thairath
Tobacco Ranks No. 2 on Smuggled List 


January 10 MGR Online
E-Cigarettes Worth Bt1.6 Million from Malaysia Intercepted


January 7 Kapook
Heavy Smokers Risk Developing Severe Symptoms of COVID-19


January 7 Prachachat
Disease Control Department Warns Smoking Raises COVID-19 Risks


January 6 Khaosod
Five Best Ways to Kick Smoking Habit


January 4 Komchadluek
International Experts Recommend Legalization of E-Cigarettes, Ban on E-Cigarette Advertising


January 2 MGR Online
Does E-Cigarette Ban Favor Smuggling Gangs?



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