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THR Media: May 2023


May 18 – Mint
Up in smoke: Can that be your last cigarette?
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May 18 – Talking Retail
CTSI welcomes calls for tougher regulations on vaping
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May 17 – Vaping Post
New GSTHR Briefing Paper Urges WHO’s FCTC to Stop Ignoring Tobacco Harm Reduction
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May 17 – State of the Vaping Nation
Mixed Messages among vapers
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May 17 – National Library of Medicine
Findings from the 2020 ITC Four Country Smoking and Vaping Survey
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Malaysia Malaysia flag

May 18 – Business Insight
Scientific advances to cut smoking should be acknowledged – experts

May 18 – Focus Malaysia
AMAM, FPMPAM urges the unity government to implement inclusive policies
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May 18 – NZ Herald
Subscribers react to teens hooked on vaping
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May 17 – NZ Herald
Why the vaping age should stay at 18
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May 15 – The Manila Times
Study reveals vaping can effectively help adults stop smoking
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May 18 – Planet of the Vapes
CAPHRA welcomes findings of Thai Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health inquiry
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United Kingdom

May 17 – UK Local Govt Association
Keep vapes out of sight of children – LGA on ASH survey on e-cigarette use among 11 to 17 year olds
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